16 June 2009


So, I broke rule 1. But it was sort of by accident. There is a book signing at my work this weekend for this amazing Basque small plates foodie book:

Pintxos, Gerald Hirigoyen.

Visually, it is stunning. You could flip through this and feel like you'd just eaten a delicious, fresh, savory meal ... then again you could also flip through this and be left craving everything in it. My point: spectacular food photography. The recipes also sound outrageously good, and the small plate is one of my favorite ways to eat. That image on the cover by the way: calf's liver and caramelized shallot brochettes. Yes, there is an entire section on innards (or Organos). A short section, but a section no less.

I can't gush as much as I would like to because I haven't cooked anything out of this book yet. Because it's a book about food and cooking, I didn't realize that it technically violates my rules until I thought about this blog later in the day ... and I still feel that it's in a different class. My ruling: not to chastise myself too much, and rather to eat some delicious small plates dripping with lemon juice and richness. In all likelihood, entries to follow on my other blog.

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  1. I saw this when I visited you last weekend and it looked amazing...